Our Mission

We aim to make plant buying accessible, affordable & a seamless experience. We are a one stop solution for all your plant, plant care & home decor needs.

Our Inspiration

As two long-time nature-enthusiasts who eventually decided to build a home together, naturally, the first thing on our minds was getting plants to create our haven. As simple as that sounds, we were not ready for the adventure that followed. It was impossible to find an all-inclusive hub for plants and accessories that matched our tastes and budget. Being in times that have assured us that our needs will be customised and home-delivered at the fastest possible option, it was unimaginable. We knew that we had to get our hands dirty. That’s how the seed of MyGreeenHome was sown.

Our Brand Philosophy


Celebrating the compassion of nature. Giving you all the reasons to grow your wishlist every time.


Extending nature’s unconditional tender care with love. Exclusively for you.


95% recyclable packaging. Consciously nurturing and securing the planet, a foliage at a time.