How gardening is shifting from the outdoors to your desk

House plants were a popular piece in home décor even in ancient Greece and China. Interestingly, centuries later, the trend is facing a global meteoric rise with #plantsofinstagram and #urbanjungle ruling on Instagram. This post explores the possible reasons for the indoor plant revolution.

  • Cherishing nature in urban jungles

For all the comforts that urbanization endowed us with, it limited our access to nature. Inevitably, house plants became essential to enhance the vital force around us.

  • Increased time spent indoors

A major portion of our time is either spent in offices, colleges or homes, that is, indoors. And a little forest on the window sill or a cute succulent sitting on the desk adds the spark to your life in otherwise drab surroundings.

  • Recreating homes and memories

To all the hours spent inspecting your grandparent’s gardener, there is always a nostalgic memory attached to it. Or when the time came to go to a hostel in a new city, a fern from mummy’s garden got added with the jars of pickle. The feeling of home is never forgotten.

  • Inadequate space

A large balcony in a flat is a piece of brilliant luck. So is a big window opening to the skyline. But unlike outdoor plants, the indoor plants, as the name suggests, is flexible and is meant for any place ranging from a bookshelf to a dining table.

  • Effortless yet soothing hobby

Nurturing plants is easy. Tending to indoor plants holds the distinction of being a very gratifying activity and gives a sense of accomplishment.

  • Stressbusters

When going gets tough, the tough get going. Especially when supported by the therapeutic greenery at home.

As houseplants are getting increasingly popular, we are certain that it is not a passing trend. It is here to stay.

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