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  • Sale!

    Set of 3 Plants in Cute Pots

    1,849.00 1,649.00
    A set consisting of Aloe Juvenna and Cactus Plant in Tribal Bear, Panda, and Elephant Pot. These are low maintenance tabletop plants. Note: Plants come with handcrafted ceramic pots.  
  • Sale!

    Pack of 4 – Oxygen Rich Plants

    3,199.00 2,399.00
    This pack includes :
    • Sansevieria Marginata
    • Aglaonema Snow white
    • Money Plant Variegated
    • Areca Palm
    These Plants are  NASA recommended for Purifying air and providing rich oxygen. Water them twice a week and ensure soil is dry between watering. Areca Palm requires bright indirect sunlight while others can do great with moderate sunlight. Note : Plants come with handcrafted Ceramic Pot as shown in the picture
  • Set of 3 Table Top Plants

    This is a set of 3 low maintenance tabletop plants. The set includes Aloe Juvenna plant, Red moon cactus, and Aloe black beauty. Note: Plant comes with this handcrafted Ceramic Pot
  • Sale!

    Set of 2 Moon Cactus – Red & Yellow

    1,299.00 1,199.00
    The Moon Cactus is from South America. It is a mutated species that lacks chlorophyll which makes the cactus green. Due to this, the red, orange or yellow color underneath is exposed. Note : Plant comes with handcrafted Ceramic Pot
  • Sale!

    Pack of 4 – Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

    3,099.00 2,399.00
    This pack includes :
    • ZZ Plant
    • Aglaonema Snow White
    • Aglaonema Maria
    • Sansevieria Marginata
    These are Low maintenance and hard to kill plants ideal for working class hustlers who love plants but are afraid to have one. They require low to moderate Indirect Sunlight and they can survive your ignorance for a few days. Water them twice a week and don't worry about their health. Note : Plants come with handcrafted Ceramic Pot as shown in the picture