You Need Plants in Your Life. And You Don’t Know it Yet.

 Your home is your precious haven. And as a rule, it is all about you and your comfort. But as it goes, we attract chaos. A lot of it. And the only remedy to this havoc is ‘a plant’.

 Fact or fad?

 Unlike several trends that have reigned and left (looking straight at you Dalgona coffee), plants have been ruling for generations for their therapeutic and instant mood-lifting qualities. Research backs that simple tasks like watering, weeding or pruning plants can reduce tension by almost 40 per cent, since they remind us of the outdoors and nature, which can be instantly calming. 

Why plants over everything else?

Plants are more than just additions to our room decor. They make our surroundings pleasant and inviting. Plants spread warmth and radiance, creating spaces for innovation and creativity anywhere they are. And that can be your secret to beating the morning blues (or getting over the death of Dobby from Harry Potter marathons, whichever you choose). And the pep talk from nature can set you for the day, probably better than coffee. Let’s also not forget that they make great subjects for our Instagram feeds. But here’s the catch. For one good photo, you have got to ditch your phone and get your hands dirty. Literally. Less screen time, more dirt, more fun. Sounds like a good hobby to pursue, doesn’t it? 

Living in an urban jungle or moving closer to forest life? 

If you are based in a bustling city that’s witnessing green covers decreasing at an alarming rate, keeping plants around you is probably the best way to increase your interactions with nature. And the benefits are not just limited to purified air and diffused stress. Nurturing a plant is a meditative and mindful practice. With nature sheltering your mental, physical and emotional well- being, your concerns and worries remain at bay. And opens you to fabulous things in store. That’s the thing about nature. The treasure we receive is abundant. 

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